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In 2013, Safes International’s parent company, Associated Security, acquired its own UK Manufacturing depot. SMP Security is one of the last few remaining British safe manufacturers and has built up an unrivalled reputation within the industry 

Industry Leading Machinery

Thankfully following large investment in SMP, our machinery has been updated to CNC. This can be digitally programmed to, for example, bend, cut, drill and tap the metal automatically. These particular updates reduce the manufacturing time and also increases output without compromising the quality of products. Due to this it means our customers are receiving the highest specification of work we can offer.

Safe & Door Manufacturing

SMP Security is most well known for cash safes manufactured up to Grade 6 specification. But as well as that they also manufacture cabinets and strong room doors. Additionally, they also having the capability to work to bespoke requirements. 


All SMP Security safes are designed to meet and exceed industry requirements of European safe testing.

Bespoke Solutions

We understand that standard solutions may not always suffice, which is why we offer bespoke safes tailored to your exact requirements.

Our SMP bespoke safes, secure storage cabinets, and cash handling systems can be designed specifically for you. With our bespoke services, you have the flexibility to customise your security solution to address all your security concerns, whether it’s for your home or business.

Our team of skilled manufacturers excels at creating unique security solutions for each project they undertake. By opting for our bespoke security service, you can rest assured that you will receive a solution that not only meets but also exceeds your expectations.

45+ years’ experience

SMP Security has an unrivalled reputation in the industry and has been in the safe manufacturing business for over 45 years. In that time they have produced high-quality Cash Safes to suit both domestic and commercial security requirements. As well as that they pride themselves on being a ‘Made in Britain’ company.

Investing in innovation

Since SMP joined the Associated Security Solutions Group, there has been significant investment, primarily in new machinery. For example, CNC machinery that can be digitally programmed to bend, cut, drill, and tap metal automatically.

Increasing output and quality

This investment in high-quality equipment shortens the manufacturing process, increasing output without sacrificing the quality techniques . Therefore our customers have been left with a smile on their face for the last 75 years

We offer a wide range of commercial safes to cater to large organisations right down to SMEs and local businesses. Our commercial safes are available in a range of sizes to protect valuables, documents, and cash from theft. Whether you require a modern keypad lock, biometric system, or a good old-fashioned key lock, we have the perfect safe for your business. 

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