Frequently Asked Questions.

Welcome to the FAQ page of Safes International! We understand that you may have some questions about our products and services. To assist you, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions along with their respective answers. Please feel free to browse through the sections below to find the information you need.

Safes International is a recognised and trusted name in the security world, well known for providing security solutions to a wide range of industries and domestic customers both in Scotland and around the world.

Our sales team can advise you on the best product to suit your requirements through years of experience so you can be sure you have the best possible solution available on the market.

Safes (also known as strongboxes, coffers, or strongboxesare lockable containers built to protect valuable items against theft or fire. Safes are usually hollow cuboids or cylinders, with a removable or hinged front face.

Safes are sturdy metal constructions (most of which have different layers) and a removable part (or door) secured by a lock.

Fireproof safes are made using fire-retardant material in between the steel sheets. whilst the door of the safe is constructed to be highly heavy duty with hinges and bolts on three to four sides. Moreover, safes are made with mechanical or electronic locking mechanisms.

Not all safes are fireproof,the ones that are fireproof are made from fireproof materials. If you are looking for a fireproof safe, make sure to double-check before purchasing.

It’s all down to personal preference, freestanding safes, wall safes, floor safes are widely popular for domestic or home use.

Fire and water-resistant safes as well as deposit safes. We offer a large selection of Commercial safes ideal for all security requirements.

There are many types of safes: home safes, commercial safes, deposit safes, wall safes, floor safes, luxury safes and reconditioned safes.

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Safes are made from heavy steel, and often, the bigger the size, the heavier the safe will be. That is due to the fact that they are made to provide high levels of protection for valuable assets. Some safes often have additional shelving inside, which also adds to the weight of the safe. 

Yes, safes can be recycled. However, some safes can also be easily refurbished and used second-hand. 

Reconditioned or refurbished safes provide the perfect secure storage solution, that benefits the environment and comes at competitive prices.

This is one of our most commonly asked FAQs  Safes should always be installed by a professional who is trained. Safes International Scotland can handle the full delivery, installation and maintenance of your safe, bringing peace of mind to you, the customer.  Safes International Scotland engineers are specially trained and have years of experience and product knowledge. These same engineers can then maintain your products to ensure the highest levels of security for your business or home.

Installations can take from 30 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the safe’s weight, size and the area where  it’s being installed.

AiS stands for The Association of Insurance Surveyors. The AiS is a well-known and respected body of individual risk control and reduction experts who work within the insurance sector throughout the UK. The mainstay of the AiS is to seek continuous improvement in all aspects of personal and property protection against insurable risks through collection, collation and dissemination of information on products and services affecting best practise in the field of risk surveying and consultancy. AiS approved simply means that the safe uphold the standards set for acquiring insurance cover.

Yes. We have a team of experts equipped to remove and relocate your safes nationwide.

An area that’s not close to any windows or entrances. Moreover, it’s good to consider safes that can be installed underfloor, in walls and cupboards, places that don’t catch much attention. It’s also important to make sure that the safe is bolted down to reduce the risk of burglars walking away with it.


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