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Trying to determine the make or model of an old, possibly run-down, safe or vault which needs servicing or maintenance can be extremely difficult, especially if the condition is poor. Therefore, at Safes International, we provide a free safe identification service to assist our customers, or potential customers, with the required information.

just follow the steps below and contact us at


Take photographs

First take some clear photographs of your safe, including images of any potential serial numbers, original stickers, guides or documentation provided with the safe, should you still have it and send it to us at


We’ll analyse them

Second, our experts will analyse your images and determine the make and model of your safe, in addition to any potential insurance rating and fire rating attributed to your safe.


Free safe identification

Third, we’ll help you to help establish the grade and quality of any old or obsolete safe that you may have in your possession. Best of all, we provide all of this vital information for free!

Safe Identification

Individuals or corporations may inherit safes that lack unambiguous identification, such as the maker’s name or model number, which can make insurance coverage difficult to obtain. We are delighted to be able to provide identifying assistance. We’ll assist you in determining the grade and quality of any old or obsolete safe you may have on hand.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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