Access control solutions

Access Control Solutions

Secure your premises with high-security access control solutions

Securing restricted areas within your business premises is essential for preventing unauthorised access from being gained. With the wide range of access control solutions we offer at Safes International, you can rest assured that these areas remain off-limits to those without authorisation. Keeping valued assets, important documentation or confidential data secure from unwarranted access within businesses of any kind is essential. Utilising access control solutions within your business will ensure that items of value, or items that must remain private, are at a significantly lower risk of loss, theft or damage due to limited access.

At Safes International, our range of high-security access control solutions is suited to businesses of all types and sizes. With electronic access control systems, which can be operated by fob, swipe card, keypad or proximity readers, manual access control solutions which work by key or even our biometric access control systems, our clients can rest assured that the ideal secure solution for their individual needs can be attained through us.

Whether trying to restrict access to staff-only areas or prevent access from being gained to areas where high-value assets, equipment, cash, important documentation or confidential data is stored, utilising access control systems offers the perfect solution. In any business premises, ensuring that your valued assets and the security of your staff members and their belongings is vital to ensure that company losses do not occur and that staff members feel that they and their possessions are protected when at work.

Our innovative access control solutions can be fitted with audit trail readers, which allow the business to track when areas have been accessed and by whom. Having audit trail technology attributed to the innovative access control solutions we provide allows further peace of mind that valuable items and company assets are at a significantly reduced risk of theft, loss and damage.

All business types and sizes have important assets and data that require security protection to ensure they are not accessed without authorisation or are at a reduced risk of being stolen. Whether you run a small local business or a large multi-national corporation, utilising the appropriate security measures within your premises will help you to achieve peace of mind that valued goods are sufficiently secured.

We have a dedicated team of helpdesk staff on hand, with expert knowledge and advice regarding the ideal security solutions for each individual business’s needs, in addition to our in-house team of expert safe and lock engineers, who work nationwide providing their professional security services to our clients whenever needed. Our engineers are on hand 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to offer the utmost efficiency when attending a maintenance or service call to ensure all of our clients’ security solutions are in perfect working condition at all times.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the innovative access control solutions we provide and discuss your requirements with a member of our expert team on 0141 554 1170.

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