Access Control & Door Locks.

To ensure the safety of staff and valuables on your business premises, you must install high-quality, reliable access control systems. Furthermore, Safes International can supply, deliver, and install a wide range of access control systems, allowing necessary control over who can enter your premises and what access they have to what is inside. Moreover, whether you require electronic fob systems or traditional manual door locks, we can provide a solution to secure your premises in a way you are happy with. Additionally, our team can offer expert guidance on the most suitable options for your specific needs


This solution for internal and external doors on your business premises allows you to restrict access for unauthorised personnel effectively.

Moreover, it provides peace of mind that your company assets, members of staff and any important documentation and data are sufficiently secure within your premises.

  • Choice of locking options
  • Choice of system
  • Self-sufficient standalone units or computer based systems
  • Time out zones and audit trail facility systems available

    When keys are not convenient for your staff to carry around, but security is still a high priority, our wide range of access control solutions are a must. All businesses have assets that need to be protected from theft. It is also important for staff to feel protected as well as property. When a building is secured by key locks alone, it is common for the doors to remain unlocked throughout the day, which leaves the building at risk of theft by opportunistic thieves as well as malicious damage.


    Our manual door locks are the appropriate answer for all types of home and commercial security requirements. Our high-security door locks are designed to fend off the growing threat of unauthorised entry. Hence, installing our manual locks in your home will allow you to have peace of mind that your premises are adequately secured against unauthorised personnel.

    • Anti-jemmy hookbolt design, locking the door into the frame.
    • Deadlock latch feature, providing unique two point locking.
    • Recommended by insurance companies and the police.
    • Key operation from both sides of the door.
    • Master keyable with other detainer locks.


    An interlocking door system can be used as an effective solution to secure the valuables within your building.

    Have you inherited a safe that lacks unambiguous identification, such as the maker’s name or model number, which is makeing insurance coverage difficult to obtain? We are delighted to be able to provide identifying assistance. We’ll assist you in determining the grade and quality of any old or obsolete safe you may have on hand.

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