Our Selection of Secure Storage.

We offer a wide range of high-security Secure Storage solutions, including deposit, reconditioned and luxury safes. In addition, we can design and manufacture bespoke products according to your exact specifications. View our Strong room & Vaults if you need higher levels of security. 

Double safes- graded safes

Secure Storage Solutions

Browse our selection of high-security storage solutions that are made in the UK and have been independently tested and approved to provide…

Deposit Safes​ Safes International

Deposit Solutions

With deposit features including drawer trap, envelope slot deposits and even air tube, we can fulfil your security requirements, moreover….

Underfloor safes

Underfloor Safes

Our underfloor storage solutions offer exceptionally high-security standards, combined with modern design principles and over 45 years of manufacturing experience.

Luxury safes

Luxury safes that are handcrafted and represent the peak of design and craftsmanship, with custom sizes, materials and layouts, the possibilities are…

reconditioned solutions- second-hand

Reconditioned Solutions

Not only do we manufacture our own range of tested and certified Domestic & Commercial Safes, but we also recondition pre-used Safes and Cabinets…

Drug Cabinets

Drug Controlled Cabinets

Our Medicine and Controlled Drugs Cabinets are an essential security solution in a variety of business sectors and premises including retail environments…

Our Products.

Our security products range from graded cash safes to sophisticated high-security door locks and electronic access control systems. Therefore, our clients can benefit from state-of-the-art security products to suit their specific security needs. We work with major suppliers such as Associated Security, Gunnebo (Chubb, Rosengren, Secureline), SMP, & Dudley.

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