Business security in summer

Business security in summer

With the past few days of pleasant weather getting us all in the summer mood here at Safes International, this is the perfect opportunity to highlight some security issues you may not think of over the summer months. Just because the nights are lighter doesn’t mean your business is secure, so here are a few top tips for protecting your business in warmer weather.

Don’t Leave Windows and Doors Open.

Letting fresh air into your office during the day by opening windows and doors is all well and good, but forgetting to close them at the end of the day or leaving an office unattended with a window open will be an advert to opportunistic thieves. A large percentage of office burglaries occur when the thief gains access through an open or unlocked window or door. You can prevent this by ensuring that windows are closed at the end of the day, and when there is no one in a specific office.

Install Proper Access Control

During the warmer weather, your staff may be more likely to spend their breaks outside, which means many more people will go into and out of the building.
It can be difficult to monitor who enters and leaves the facility without installing high-quality access control.
With electronic access control, you can ensure that only those with permission can enter the building and monitor access to certain rooms within the building. Furthermore, electronic access control can also audit who has entered and when.

Don’t Let Potential Intruders See Inside.

Many thieves are tempted to steal from a property after seeing valuable objects displayed through the windows. Businesses often leave themselves open to this threat by leaving blinds open out of business hours when it gets lighter in the evening.

You may want to consider boarding or whitewashing the windows for areas such as stockrooms, which may contain high volumes of valuable items. Another helpful solution is the installation of security shutters on doors and windows, which can be used when you lock up all year round.

Let Safes International Help

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We have engineers situated across the UK to enable quick response times, and our helpdesk is on hand to provide advice and log service calls.

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