Home Security Mistakes

It is common for many of us to fail to ensure the security of our homes, which can result in burglars targeting our properties. 

Home Security Mistakes

Millions of homeowners may be putting their property and possessions at risk each year due to inadequate home security, according to a Cooperative Insurance survey of 2,000 adults.

A social media platform

Advertising that you’re off on vacation or have just purchased or received expensive or valuable items may attract burglars. Avoid posting on social media when you are not at home, furthermore making sure your accounts are secure so only your friends can see them is always advisable.

Be smart about your delivery.

Leaving items in our gardens if we are not home is one of the most common Home Security Mistakes. The best thing you can do is ask a neighbour to take them in if they are home. Alternatively, you can pick up the packages yourself at the post office.

Safe key storage

Burglars often check plant pots and doormats because they are predictable places. Installation of a key safe is a good way to secure keys for the future.

Garage doors

Just because the door to our garage is locked doesn’t mean we shouldn’t lock the door leading into our house. Once a burglar gets into your garage, they have direct access to your home since garage doors are easily manipulated.

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