Different types of deposit safes- News

What types of deposit safes do we offer? 

At Safes International, we have manufactured a range of deposit safes to suit all the requirements that vary across the different commercial sectors. These deposit safes all serve different purposes and provide a range of benefits for whatever environment you need them in. Our high-security deposit safes are all up to Euro grade standards and have been tested to meet the British Standards. 

Different Deposit safes we offer includes:

Rotary Deposit 

Our Rotary deposit safes are the ideal solution for businesses wishing to deposit small packages or amounts of cash into the body of the safe without having to directly access the body of the safe. The rotary deposit works by lifting up the handle to the top slot and inserting the item you wish to deposit into the rounded deposit slot and pushing this down. This will then deposit the item into the body of the safe without anyone having to use any keys or access codes to gain entry.

Envelope Slot Deposit 

This kind of safes are most beneficial for businesses that may require secure storage of documentation. Envelope slot deposits only have narrow slots in the top of the safe, so it is better not to deposit large items directly through this slot. This is why this type of deposit safe would be most beneficial for depositing confidential documents or small amounts of cash. However, you can always place larger items in the safe manually through either key or code access.

Drawer Deposit

Drawer deposit safes are quite simply exactly how they sound, the safe has a drawer installed which can be pulled out and filled with the items you would like to deposit into the safe and once the drawer is repositioned within the safe, the bottom of the drawer will give way to allow the items to drop into the body of the safe. These deposit safes are perfect for businesses that may require a slightly larger option for depositing valued items as the drawer provides more space. 

Capsule Deposit 

A capsule deposit safe comes with plastic containers that are inserted in the safe through a small round hole. These capsules can be filled with cash, documents or small valuables, however, this deposit safe would not be beneficial if you had larger items to deposit into the safe. The capsules drop directly into the body of the safe with ease, making depositing any items a very quick and simple job. 

Think a deposit safe could benefit your business?

Deposit safes provide an added level of security as they can prevent the loss of keys or codes being forgotten by reducing the number of staff members who would require access to the body of the safe. These safes allow for the continuing deposit of valued items, cash or confidential documents so that these aren’t left lying around and at risk of theft.

Our UK manufactured deposit safes meet all British and European standards, even offering both cash ratings and valuables ratings to ensure that our client’s valued goods can be covered via their insurance provider should they desire. Utilising a Eurograde deposit safe within your commercial premises will help to provide peace of mind that company assets are appropriately secured. 

If you think that your business could benefit from the use of a deposit safe, then why not get in touch to find out more, or check out our full range of products and services, just give us a call on 0141 554 1170.