Underfloor Safes provided discrete security solutions

Underfloor safes solutions

Are you looking for the ideal security solution for your home or business, but lack space? Underfloor safes provide discreet high-security protection for your personal valuables or company assets. Underfloor safes offer a high-security solution for the storage of cash and valuables and important documentation within your premises.

Cash Cover

Not only can you protect your valuables within your floor safe, but they can also be added to your insurance. Our floor safes can come with a £6,000 cash rating, which equates to £60,000 cover for valuables.

Fire-resistant safes

The range of floor safes we offer also includes fire-resistant safes to provide additional protection for your valuable possessions or company assets. Furthermore, the fire-resistant materials manufactured into both the body and door of the safe protect your valuables from both heat and fire damage, providing a security defence in events beyond your control.


Our floor safes are also specially designed with water-resistant materials to prevent water damage to the safe or the valuables kept within the floor safe.


Underfloor safes are specially designed to be installed within concrete floors. To install an underfloor safe, specialist engineers must attend the premises prior to the installation to remove the appropriate amount of concrete, and remove any floorboards which may block access to the safe once it has been installed.

Locking Options

Underfloor safes can be fitted with a range of locking options, just as standard security safes can, including key locks, electronic locks and combination locking mechanisms.

Get Intouch

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