Grades Safes

Benefits of a Graded Safe

Ever wonder what a graded safe is?

Graded safes provide the ideal security solution for many domestic and commercial properties.

We have a wide range of Graded safes available to suit all of our client’s secure storage needs

Our clients can rest assured that the ideal security storage solution for their needs can be found at Safes International.

Ensuring that your home or business security is up to scratch is essential.

Having a Graded Safe will also significantly decrease the likelihood of any damage or theft to valued items and documentation.

The Difference in Grades of Safes

Grading can seem daunting but in the most simple of terms. Graded Safes are generally available from Grade 0- Grade 6 and each of these offers cash and valuables cover.

Basically, Grade 0 Safes offers £6000 cash cover and £60,000 valuables cover

(a quick tip: valuables cover will always be 10x the cash cover amount)

The ability to offer protection for such valuable belongings means that certain standards have to be met and certification provided.

Locking Options

We offer electronic locks with digital keypads, standard key locking mechanisms, combination locks and even biometric locks in some cases.

All of our locks are certified to ‘VdS’ standards and provide a high-security locking option for your graded safe.

Choosing which lock to have fitted is entirely down to preference.

Deposit Options

Not only do we offer a wide range of locking options for our graded safes, but we can even fit deposit features to them.

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