Is AiS Mandatory


Before purchasing a security solution, it’s important to consider whether the safe, vault, cabinet, or door is AiS-certified. The following is an introduction to AiS and a selection of our products.

What is AiS?

AiS safes have been approved by the British Association of Insurance Surveyors. Consumers can be assured that each product has been rigorously tested and proven to be high-security. This allows people to obtain insurance to cover any valuable items stored in their safes, from expensive jewellery to large amounts of cash.

Is AiS Mandatory?

AiS-Approved Safes are quality assurance badges. While AiS approval is not mandatory for safes, it increases the chances of insurance companies covering valuables kept inside them.

Our AiS-approved security solutions

Safes International offers a range of security solutions approved by AiS. As outlined in LPS 1193 Issue 4 and in EN 1143-1:2015, furthermore our insurance-approved safes are tested in accordance with European Standards.

High-security storage cabinets

AiS has approved our high-security storage cabinets. In addition to VdS-approved safe locks, they feature internal shelving for storing a variety of company assets.

Home safes and domestic safes

We offer AiS-approved home safes and domestic safes. They are fire-resistant for up to 60 minutes and are available in a variety of sizes and grades.

Controlled drugs cabinets

AiS has approved our controlled drug cabinets. These are essential for commercial properties in pharmaceuticals, laboratories, universities, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Deposit safes

We can provide you with the ideal deposit safe, no matter what your requirements are. Designed for high security, our euro-grade deposit safes provide you with peace of mind. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of sizes with different insurance grades

Reconditioned solutions

With our reconditioning process, we are able to reduce waste, provide a high-security solution at a competitive price, and reduce the amount of unnecessary waste. We recondition second-hand safes to meet European standards for refurbished safes.