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Reconditioned Safes

Our Reconditioned Safes or refurbished safes provide the perfect secure storage solution, benefit the environment and come at a competitive cost. 


If that’s not enough to convince you to invest in a second hand safe – they’re reconditioned to British Standards BS 7582, making sure that the refurbished solution provides the same level of protection that a newly manufactured model would provide. 


With replaced locking mechanisms and bolt work removed & fully serviced, we can guarantee that our refurbished safes are in perfect working order and look just as good as new. ….   Read more

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In addition to our extensive range of Commercial Safes, Home Safes, and Security Cabinets, Associated Security also offer a spectacular range of second hand, Reconditioned Safes at competitive prices. In offering Reconditioned Safes, this allows us to reduce the amount of waste produced when older safes are replaced by restoring and upgrading them to be good as new, so good that we offer a 2-year warranty for all of our second-hand safes!


Our range of second-hand safes are refurbished to the highest standards and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are in perfect working order and are restored in accordance with the British Standards for reconditioning safes. When renovating these old safes, our expert safe engineers ensure that they comply with modern lock standards, in addition to making sure they look as good as new.


We have a wide range of refurbished safes available from brands such as SMP, Chubbsafes, Burton Safes, and Rosengren in stock in our depots across the UK.

Reconditioned Safes

We offer a wide range of commercial safes to cater to large organisations right down to SMEs and local businesses.


 Our commercial safes are available in a range of sizes to protect valuables, documents, and cash from theft.


 Whether you require a modern keypad lock, biometric system, or a good old-fashioned key lock, we have the perfect safe for your business. 

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