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Safes International’s parent company, Associated Security, acquired its own U.K. manufacturing facility in 2013.


Throughout the U.K., SMP Security has led the safe manufacturing industry for over 45 years. In addition, it is one of the few left in the country. Over the past four decades, standards and manufacturing have only improved. Therefore, our safes are well-produced and we have a long list of happy customers.

Industry Leading Machinery From SMP

As a result of a substantial investment in SMP, our safes are now manufactured using CNC machines. Metal can be digitally programmed to bend, cut, drill, and tap automatically using Computer Numerical Control machinery. 

With these updates, manufacturing time is reduced and product production is increased without compromising quality. As a result, we can offer our customers the highest quality of work. 

SMP manufactures safes and doors 

SMP manufactures cash safes up to grade 6 specifications. Additionally, they manufacture cabinets and doors for strong rooms. Additionally, SMP offers customers the option to fully customize their safe to meet their requirements. 

Over 45 years of experience 

Having been in business for nearly five decades, SMP has an unmatched reputation in the industry. Over the years, they have become experts in their field. The company produces high-quality goods using U.K.-manufactured products. Due to their work with British products and their location in Telford, they are also proud to be a ‘Made in Britain’ company. Through this company, you can identify British produce anywhere in the world. 

The Safes International team is proud of its connections to SMP and everything we’ve accomplished together over the last 75 years. By working together, we ensure our customers’ safety by providing high-quality products made with the best materials.

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