Safes International & SMP

Safe International’s relationship with SMP

In 2013, Safes International’s parent company, Associated Security, acquired its own U.K. manufacturing depot. 

SMP Security has been the forerunner of the manufacturing of safes in the U.K. for the last 45+ years. It also remains one of the only few left here in the country. In these last four decades, standards and manufacturing have only improved. Therefore, we have decades of happy customers and well-produced safes.

Industry Leading Machinery From SMP

Following a significant investment in SMP, the machine SMP uses to manufacture our safes is now ‘CNC’. Computer Numerical Control machinery can be digitally programmed to bend, cut, drill, and tap metal automatically. 

These updates reduce manufacturing time and increase product production without compromising quality. Because of this, our customers receive the highest specification of work we can offer. 

Safe & door manufacturing by SMP 

SMP’s reputation is for cash-safe manufacturing up to a grade 6 specification. In addition to this, they also manufacture cabinets and strong room doors. SMP also offer customers the chance to fully bespoke their safe, meaning their requirements will be to the highest standard possible. 

All SMP safes are designed to meet and exceed industry requirements of European safe testing. 

45+ years experience 

SMP has an unrivalled reputation in the industry and has been in the business for nearly five decades. During that time, they have become experts in their field. They are producing high-quality goods with U.K. manufactured products as well. Because of their work with British products and their site being in Telford, they are also proud of the ‘Made in Britain’ company. This company boots local companies up and means it’s easy to identify British produce wherever in the world you may be. 

Here at Safes International, we are proud of our connections to SMP and everything we’ve achieved together in the last 75+ combined. Together we bring our customers high-quality products made with the best possible materials, ensuring their safety is always secure.

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