Secure Strongrooms & Vaults

Secure Strongrooms & Vaults

If you’re looking for a higher security solution for your home or business, Safes International offers the design & manufacture of state of the art strongrooms & vaults. We understand finding a high-security solution for your home or business can sometimes be slightly daunting. Knowing which level of security is required and keeping in mind whether the items which require security protection are of high value is essential.

When looking for a standard safe to protect valuables there are many factors that will be brought to your attention as there is a wide range available. These factors include grades, which correspond to cash & valuables ratings, the size of the standard safe, possibly the location the safe intends to be installed and more to consider. However, when a standard safe just doesn’t cut it due to the level of security required, it may be time to consider a high-security solution such as security strongrooms & vaults or strongroom doors.

All our strongrooms & vaults at Safes International are manufactured in the UK, providing a quick turn-around. All products, including our high-security strongrooms & vaults, are tested and certified to ensure they meet all European standards.

Security Strongrooms & vaults are a highly beneficial investment into properties where high-security solutions are required. In many cases, these properties hold a wide range of high-value goods or large amounts of cash. They are also the ideal security solution in properties where there is a significantly higher risk of theft, attack or hostage-taking.

Keeping valued items secure, whether they be your personal property, or business property is essential and installing security strongrooms & vaults or a strongroom door to the premises will provide a much greater level of security than a standard safe could.

The strongroom doors for strongrooms & vaults are increasingly popular as these can be fitted in any entrance to the property, ensuring that the first point of contact has the level of security required in order to prevent unauthorised access.

Our standard safes provide a high-security solution for many domestic properties and businesses, however, when additional levels of security are required, our security strongrooms & vaults and strongroom doors provide ideal security solutions.

Whether you’re searching for high-security solutions for your home or business security strongrooms & vaults or strongroom doors provide the necessary level of security required & help to protect high-value goods within the premises. Just as our standard safes come in a wide range of sizes, grades and include various features, so can your security strongrooms & vaults or strongroom doors. Find out more about all the other products and services that we offer at Safes International. For further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch, give us a call on 0141 554 1170 or email [email protected].