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LPCB Approved Wooden Security Doors

An ideal solution primarily for internal use to provide additional security measures for a vast array of commercial premises, specifically for medium to high-risk environments. Similarly to our Security Rated Doors, these are available in SR ratings SR2 – SR6 and can provide protection against heat and fire damage if required.

With a range of locking options, including the ability to add Access Control systems or connect to alarm systems and even barricader bars (which can be fitted with an emergency override).

Wooden Security Doors provide the optimal preventative access solution for premises with the requirement to protect high volumes of cash and add a further security measure for vulnerable areas. 


Our LPCB Security Rated Doors are ideal for a vast range of Commercial Security requirements, specifically for medium to high-risk environments, offering a secure solution for the protection of valued assets, prevention of unauthorised access and with the ability to upgrade to also provide fire protection, our SR Doors are really a no-brainer for securing your premises. 


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