What are Strongrooms and Vaults

Vaults & Strongrooms

What are Strongrooms and Vaults?

Safes International are expert in designing, building, and installing high security, prefabricated and modular strongrooms. Our team constantly complete various intricate projects for clients across the UK.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a higher level of security than a standard safe would bring, then strongrooms and vaults are the answer to your question.

In addition, these highly secure and well-manufactured structures reduce the risk of burglary, home invasion and hostage-taking. At the same time, protecting your valuables too,

What we offer

By combining modern design and construction methods, your strongroom or vault can be fully bespoke to meet your exact requirements. 

Bespoke requirements are complete by using:

  • Modern methods
  • Robust materials
  • Expert technicians
  • Available in Grade 2 – 13 EXCD
  • Variety of Access Control Options
  • Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes

Each strongroom is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. In addition, our strongrooms and vaults can be fitted with doors on in different locations. Therefore this helps suit the requirements of our clients.

Our highly skilled installation team will install your strongroom or vault in your existing building or assemble it in the open. 

In addition, to robust materials and the expertise of our in-house technicians, our high-security strongrooms and security vaults are customs to meet your exact requirements.

All Prefabricated Strongrooms (PSR’s) are constructed to meet certification in accordance with the European standard EN-1143-1. Therefore offering enhanced burglary protection for your valued assets.

Henceforth, our strongrooms and vaults are a superb way to keep you, your property and your valuables protected all under one roof.

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Finally, if you have any other questions or queries concerning purchasing a safe or any other of our expert services, contact us via our website or phone call today!

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