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We can provide a deposit safe to suit your exact requirements, whatever your needs. These high security Eurograde safe designs are innovative yet secure to provide peace of mind for you.

There is no specific size for deposit safes with most coming in a variety of sizes with different insurance grades. Deposit options include: Rotary, Slot, Drawer and Capsule.

If you have a specific requirement that you don’t see included below call the Safes International team who will be happy to advise! 


Rotunda Deposit Safe

Designed and manufactured in the UK, this safe is the ideal secure storage deposit safe for a variety of commercial security requirements. Designed with feedback from our customer base and current security demands in mind, the Rotunda Deposit System is a secure way to deposit cash and assets,  without the need to grant multiple users access to the system. There is an anti-phishing device installed inside the safe that stops any attempted access through the rotunda deposit trap.  The rotunda deposit trap is located within the interior of the safe, behind a lockable compartment to provide additional  security for goods deposited inside.

Capsule safe - door shut

Capsule Deposit Safe

Enabiling you to deposit cash and small valuables securely into a safe by placing a capsule inside the tube on the top of your safe.

Our Eurograde capsule deposit safes are suited to a variety of business  security requirements and are ideally suited

for the storage of items that regularly require secure storage within commercial safe.

Drawer Trap

Drawer Trap Deposit Safe

Our very own UK manufacturing facility has designed and patented this drawer trap safe to suit a variety of business security needs  and offer an ideal solution for a variety of commercial businesses. It can be customised

to meet the needs of the client and are available in Grades 0 to 5.

The depositor can be installed flush with the side or rear of the safe or through a wall of 125mm thickness.

Rotary Deposit Safe

Rotary Deposit Safe

Manufactured in the UK, with two separate internal cupboards, making it the ideal storage solution for a range of commercial security requirements.

The key locks on the internal cupboards prevent unauthorized access. With our rotary deposit safe, money

is deposited  via the rotary at the top,  separating cash from valuables and making back-office management easy.

With additional space below the top  cupboards for change and till drawers, our rotary deposit safe has it all.

Envelope Slot Safe

Envelope Slot Deposit Safe

Safes with envelope slots (also known as letter slots drop safes)  allows customers to deposit both cash and cheques into the safe body. This UK built envelope slot deposit safes feature anti-phishing measures to prevent attempted access. With this high-security safe, you can store valuables without requiring

access to the body of the safe, reducing the possibility of losing, damaging or stealing valuable goods by limiting the access that must be granted to different employees 

within your facility.

  • Available in Grades 0-5
  • Key locking supplied as standard
  • Electronic or combination locking upgrades available
  • Fitted with fire-resistant material
  • Optional extras available
Air tube safe

Airtube Deposit safe

A safe and efficient way to transfer cash, documents or small valuables from the point of sale to the locked safe in a restricted area of the business. The pneumatic tube system

allows capsules of money to be deposited into a tube system located at the till, where the  capsules are taken through the tube system and deposited directly into a commercial safe.

  • Move cash through public areas securely
  • Reduce the risk and value of checkout snatches
  • No need to close POS during cash collection
  • Increase profitability
  • Capsules deposited into a secure graded cash safe

Deposit Safes

Whether you’re seeking solutions to safeguard your home or your company, our wide product line has you covered.