Our New Website- NEWS

Welcome to our New Website!

After years of faithful service, we have decided to retire our old website & launch a brand new site! We are delighted to announce that our new website is now up & running – we hope you like it just as much as we do!

So Why Launch a New Website?

Customer service is our number one priority at Safes International. Our new website aims to improve the customer experience, making the time you spend on our website simple & hassle-free. You will now be able to view our full range of products, keep up to date with all the latest home & business security news and interact with us on our social media.

We hope you enjoy our new look website and our updated branding!

But the website isn’t just here to look pretty – it’s here to make sure that you can take full advantage of our fantastic services should you need anything in the way of installation, maintenance & much, much more…

Here at Safes International, we understand the importance of finding what you need online quickly and easily. Therefore, we have created a structure that features logical sections to ensure that the website is user friendly. We will be keeping our website updated regularly, so if there is any security advice you would like to read about, any products you’d like more detail on, or any security news you want to hear, get in touch & let us know!

What’s New?

Our new site contains everything you need to know about our products, services and industry news. We’re also making navigation around the site much easier by introducing a toolbar and simple product pages. We’ve refreshed our social media activity, meaning that anything & everything worth sharing will feature here, so remember to interact with us too.

The site is a fantastic new platform to build on – so watch this space!

We Want to Hear Your Opinion

Please remember to get in touch & tell us what you think of our new website. All feedback is welcome & we take on board all customer queries & comments. As ever, thank you very much for all of your ongoing support.

 Get in touch to find out more, or check out our full range of products and services, Or give us a call on 0141 554 1170 to speak to one of our experts.