Outdoor security tips

Outdoor security tips.

Many people believe that by securing their homes, they are sufficiently protected. However, burglars nowadays can play on the lack of outdoor security to their advantage. In this article, we will go through some of the easy and efficient ways to increase outdoor security and further protect your property.


Install motion-sensor lights – burglars love the dark. Installing motion sensor lights will draw attention to your property if anyone trespasses or attempts to gain access to your home. These work well as a deterrent for burglars as they will not want the attention being drawn to them if they get caught.

Install good locks

Ensure outdoor buildings have sufficient locks installed onto them – old rusty padlocks are easily broken and therefore do not offer much to secure the belongings inside. Maintaining the locks and having strong windows installed eliminates the opportunity of easy access to these buildings.

Lock away all tools, ladders and gardening equipment – not only is this an easy opportunity for thieves to steal the equipment if left out, but many burglars will now use their own tools to break into the home. All tools, ladders and equipment should be secured adequately to prevent this from happening.

Upgrade your gate & fence security

Having broken fence panels or insufficiently secured gates allows burglars to scope out the area and even gain access to your property. They can then use this knowledge to find access points they deem weak to your home, putting your belongings and family at risk. Gates should have two locks installed at different heights to ensure that burglars cannot reach over and unlock it from the other side. Fence panels should be the same height as the adjoining gates to prevent anyone from gaining access by quickly climbing over. Installing anti-climb spikes on top of fences and gates will also decrease the likelihood of your home being targeted, as these will make gaining access particularly difficult. You will need to put up a notice to warn that these have been installed to stay on the right side of the law; however, these are legal and are long-lasting.

Trim back hedges

Intruders love to target homes hidden from the rest of the street. If your home has high privileges that block the view of your home, this is seen as a benefit for burglars who believe they can gain access without alerting neighbours or passers-by. Maintaining your garden also makes potential thieves aware that the house is well maintained. A garden that looks unoccupied creates the illusion that the house is either unoccupied or not regularly cared for, and some burglars can use this as an opportunity to attack the house.

Plant thorny/spikey bushes and shrubs by any place you still believe someone can gain access through. No burglar wants to land in a bed of thorns, as their screams probably draw attention to them. Again, this is a simple yet effective deterrent for burglars.

Having all of these measures in place to protect your property should warn off any potential thieves from targeting your home. Of course, it is just as vital to secure your home as it is the outside of the property, which is why we would recommend having a home safe installed. This way, if the worst were to happen and somehow someone did manage to gain access to your property, the important things will be protected regardless.

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