Reconditioned Solutions

Not only do we manufacture our very own range of tested and certified Domestic Safes, Commercial Safes and Cabinets, but we also recondition pre-used safes, Cabinets, Strong Rooms, Vaults and Vault Doors!

With our reconditioning process, we reduce the amount of unnecessary waste while delivering a high-security solution at a competitive price. Our highly skilled engineers recondition second-hand safes to meet the European standards for refurbished safes, ensuring your second-hand safe is good as new. 

Furthermore, In terms of affordability and practicality, refurbished solutions are an excellent choice. 

Our experts recondition safes from brands such as SMP, Chubbsafes, Burton Safes, and Rosengren.

Providing further peace of mind that our second-hand solutions are refurbished to the highest standards, we offer a 2-year warranty on our Reconditioned Solutions.

Reconditioned Vault Doors offer the exact same level of protection as newly manufactured vault doors, but at a lower price!


 If you’re in the market for a strong room door or a vault door, a second-hand vault door provides the ideal solution, with the guarantee that you’re getting the same level of security but at a lower price, it seems like a no-brainer.

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