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Reconditioned Vault Doors

Our Reconditioned  Vault Doors offer the exact same level of protection as newly manufactured vault doors, but at a lower price! 



If you’re in the market for a strong room door or a vault door, a second-hand vault door provides the ideal solution, with the guarantee that you’re getting the same level of security but at a lower price, it seems like a no-brainer. 



Available in Grades 2 through 10, ensuring that we have the ideal solution for all of our customers’ requirements. Our reconditioned vault doors undergo a full repair and service in addition to the replacement of locking mechanisms where required…   Read more

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By offering a reconditioning service, which also extends to include Safes, Cabinets and even Vaults, we’re not only enabling our customers to find their ideal security solution at a competitive price, we’re also providing benefit for the environment by ensuring that second-hand products are kept from being scrapped or dumped in landfills.


Our second-hand Strong Room Doors & Vaults Doors are refurbished to the highest standard and are available in Grades 2 through 10 to provide the ideal solution for a vast array of needs. Fitted with new locking mechanisms where required and cleaned up to look good as new, securing your home or business premises with a high-security Strong Room or Vault Door has never been more achievable than it is by utilising our Reconditioned Security Door Service.

Great value reconditioned safes supplied and installed across the UK.

All our safes are refurbished by our own expert engineers to British standards. Want to find out more about our reconditioned / Second-hand solutions, simply fill out an enquiry form or call us to speak to one of our experts.

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