Highly secure refurbished safes from Safes International

Refurbished safes; Ideal balance between affordability and security.

Our range of second-hand safes is refurbished to meet European standards. We have ensured that the protection provided is as good as a newly manufactured safe.

Opting for a reconditioned safe does not mean having to compromise on the security provided by a safe. All refurbished safes are reconditioned to the highest security standards.

At Safes International, we offer a wide range of refurbished safes ideal for domestic and commercial use. These safes are reconditioned by our highly skilled engineers and locksmiths right here in the UK. Our refurbished safes are rigorously tested to ensure they meet all European standards for reconditioned safes. This ensures that our refurbished safes range provides a high standard of security that meets British Standard BS 7582.

When reconditioning second-hand safes, our highly skilled engineers and locksmiths ensure the refurbished safe has been reconditioned to a high standard to ensure that all parts of the safe, such as locking options, hinges and bolts, have been repaired or replaced to ensure that the entire safe is in good working order. In some cases, when reconditioning safes, a range of locking options can be provided that would be suitable to be fitted to the safe. Whether your preference is more towards a key locking mechanism, locking via combination or digital mechanisms or even biometric systems, our engineers have the skill and ability to tailor the refurbished safe to your exact needs.

At Safes International, we strongly advocate for the reconditioning of safes. Providing the option for refurbished safes allows for more affordable security solutions for our customers and helps reduce our carbon footprint. Reconditioning second-hand safes ensures that high-security products or parts are not scrapped or wasted if the ability to transform and refurbish these parts and products is available.

Our Reconditioned safes range is always available to our clients as a viable and high-security option for their security needs. If you are looking for the ideal security solution for your home or office, considering a reconditioned safe is better for your environment and budget. With the option to choose between locking options, including a key lock or locking combination or digital mechanisms, you rest assured your refurbished safe has been reconditioned and fitted to an unparalleled high standard and will meet all your necessary security requirements.

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Safes international off a range of  Reconditioned Vaults and Reconditioned Vault Doors, to find out more give us a call on 0141 554 1170 or email

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