World's biggest safes

World’s biggest safes & vaults and who Owns them

From the world’s biggest safes & vaults in the world to small safes designed to store personal belongings safes are everywhere.

Where are these safes, who owns them, and what do they contain? We will explore these and help you answer them.

Fort Knox

Fort Knox is also known as the US Bullion Depository, where gold and silver are stored. Located in Kentucky, this colossal vault is operated by the United States Department of the Treasury, and saying it is an important vault would be an understatement, with huge amounts of gold bullion behind its extensively-locked doors.

Vault of Global Seeds

A safe can be used for a variety of purposes, and this one is a bit different from your standard underfloor safe. More than 500,000 seeds from around the world are stored in the seed vault in Svalbard.

All of the plants can be grown from this huge vault if the world is destroyed and all of the plants with it. That sounds like a good idea, if a bit morbid.

Norway owns and manages the vault, which is managed by the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Crop Trust, and the regional genebank NordGen.

Iron Mountain

We know that the US government is Iron Mountain’s biggest tenant, but 95% of the vault owners are confidential.

The largest and most well-known storage facility is in Boyers, Pennsylvania. There are armed guards protecting the climate-controlled storage facilities, located in a former limestone mine.

Since 1954, it has housed some of the world’s most secure possessions.

Gold vault of the Bank of England

One of the most valuable gold collections in the world can be found at the Bank of England, located in the City of London. The Bank of England has created about as secure a vault as possible for protecting the gold reserves of the United Kingdom and more than 30 countries around the world. This vault holds about 400,000 bars of gold.

Vault of the Mormon Church (Granite Mountain)

Lastly, the Vault of the Mormon Church is one of the world’s most secure places. The Mormon Church owns this facility, which houses the largest genealogical collection in the world.

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